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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

  • Executer: Development and Innovation Training Centre
  • Project title: Strengthening the capacity of the Association "Development and Innovation Training Center"
  • Period: 2022-07-01 - 2023-09-30
  • Regions of execution: Vidzeme region
  • Project budget: 19 989.97
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: Norsensus Mediaforum
  • Project contact person: Ieva Vītoliņa, e-mail:, 29215073
  • Project website:

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the Development and Innovation Training Center (AIMC) by improving the management process and sustainability of financial resources. Improving the management processes of the AIMC includes the implementation of the Strategies and Action Plan 2023-2024, performance evaluation approach (M&E system), and quality management principles. The project includes the activity of developing a strategy for obtaining independent funding for AIMC.

Improved governance processes and the implementation of a fundraising plan will contribute to the AIMC's goals by expanding the range of AIMC services. It will provide an opportunity to use innovative digital technologies and educational approaches to motivate children and young people to engage in activities that, together with the development of digital skills, make them more skilled in democratic civil society, develop their social skills, strengthen their national identity, and teach them to be useful to society. The results of the project will allow to better represent the interests of the part of the society that is at risk of social exclusion or digital exclusion.



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