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Sustainability and capacity

Sustainability and capacity

The objective of the program: enhanced sustainability and capacity of civil society in Latvia

Total amount for the program: 2 020 000 EUR

Expected program results:

  • Number of CSOs that increased the share of non-grant funding in their total income has grown.
  • Number of CSOs that regularly disseminate information on their activities and results to the wider public has raised.
  • Number of CSOs using an M&E system for their work has increased.



  1. Capacity building – education, acquisition and strengthening of skills and competences, human resources development and attraction at the level of organizations and individuals, including assessment of organizational capacity building needs and preparing action plans.
  2. Cooperation between CSOs – support to organizations participation in regional, national, or international CSO networks, support for CSO platforms and networks, for experience sharing and networking events.
  3. Facilitation of financial sustainability of CSOs – fundraising campaigns and activities.


THE PROGRAM FUNDING WILL BE GRANTED to the following projects:

  • Capacity projects – for activities that focus on strengthening, cooperation and networking of civil society organizations, informal civil society groups, and active individuals; as well as on the development of financial sustainability of organizations.
  • Two calls for proposals: in 2020 and 2021
  • Project duration: 6-24 months
  • Grant amount per project: 6 000 – 20 000 EUR. *With a possibility to receive additional points at the selection process if the project involves cooperation with an organization in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. For information on collaborative support, see here.
  • Civic Competences Academy “Change Maker” – in 2021/2022, in all five regions (Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Latgale, Riga & Riga Region) of Latvia, the 8-months training course in civic competences will be organized. It will be available in three different courses divided by participant category and experience in civic activities: (1) new or young activists, (2) existing CSO leaders and (3) officials. The training will take place on average once a month – a full day, including face-to-face and online lessons, workshops for case studies, networking, experience exchange, etc. For existing CSO leaders, mentor support will be provided. The Academy will be coordinated by the Latvian Rural Forum in cooperation with Dienvidlatgale NGO Support Centre (in Latgale), Kurzeme NGO Centre (in Kurzeme), Civic Alliance Latvia (in Riga), Valmiera Region Community Foundation (in Vidzeme), Zemgale NGO Support Centre (in Zemgale).


Approved projects

1 National Youth Council of Latvia LJP 4.0 Active
2 Foundation "" Improvement of the website „Palīdzē” to strengthen its capacity Active
3 Latvian 4-H ReStart! Active
4 ''Coast of Perse'' STEP UP! Active
5 "Partneriba "Daugavkrasts"" The enabling of Partnership Daugavkrasts capacity for new function development Active
6 Society "Not left alone" Building the capacity of "Nepaliec viens" society's structural units Active
7 Imants Ziedonis Foundation "Viegli" Capacity building of Imants Ziedonis Foundation "Viegli" Active
8 Latvian 4-H See?! Active
9 Pieriga partnership Improve the quality and growth of the Pieriga Partnership's activities in 3 steps Active
10 "For the development of Mezinieki neighborhood" Strengthening the capacity of the association for the transition to a new stage of development Active
11 Society "Baltic HIV Association" Promoting the financial sustainability of the association Active
12 Smārde senior association "Sarma" Strengthening the capacity of Smarde senior society "Sarma" Active
13 Society "Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS" Capacity building for Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS Active
14 Establishment Center Dardedze Along with time Active
15 MARTA Centre Liepaja Foundation Capacity building of MARTA Centre Liepaja Foundation Active
16 Riga German Cultural Society Give to Development = Develop by Giving! Active
17 Society "Create the Environment Yourself" Create "Create Environment Yourself" Yourself Active
19 Society "Kuldiga Senior Citizen School" Dare, get involved Active
20 Society "Piekrastes Konvents" Promotion of volunteering Active
21 Foundation Hospiss LV Development of mobile application for volunteers coordination Active
22 “Children’s Hospital Foundation” Promoting Financial Independence and Recognition of the Parents’ House Active
23 Charity "Wonderhouse" Charity "Brinummaja" (WonderHouse) capacity enhancement project "Springboard" Active
24 NGO For Smitene and Latvia Active, knowing and recognizable in Smiltene region Active
25 Y`S Men club Cesis Skills for everyday life and society Active
26 Association of LGBT and their friends "Mozaika" Growth of Mozaika Active
27 “Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia” (SEAL) SEAL as a stronger ecosystem leader Active
28 Latvian Society of the Blind Communication - The Key to Success! Active
29 Latvian Blind Sport Union Strengthening activities and capacity of the Latvian Blind Sports Union Active
30 Rucka Art Foundation Capacity Building of Rucka Art Foundation Active
31 Development Society of Ogre OAB ok (OAB organization capacity) Active
32 SATEKA Own support for the development of the Territory and of effective Community! Active
33 JASMA [j'asma] JASMA 2.0 Active
34 Latvian National Association for Consumer Protection Capacity building in testing of consumer products Active
35 „Foundation – Bridge of Chances” Deliberate Strengthening of the Foundation “Bridge of Opportunities” Active
36 NEW EAST NGO "New East" capacity building project Active
37 Angels with us Step forward Active
38 Latvian Red Cross Raising the capacity and sustainability of the Latvian Red Cross Youth at the national level Active
39 Latvian Red Cross Capacity building of LatRC Latgale Committee Active
40 LgSC Strengthening the capacity of the NGO “LgSC” Active
41 Vidusdaugavas NGO Center Improving activity of the Vidusdaugava NGO Center Active
42 Development Agency "We&You" Strengthening the capacity of the Development Agency “We&You” to activate the civiс society Active
43 NGO "Jaunvide" Making a step forward Active
44 Education Development Center (EDC) Education Development Center (EDC) participation on strengthening the civic society of Latvia Active
45 Latvian Fund for Nature Building the fundraising capacity of the Latvian Fund for Nature Active
46 Union of Latvian Large Families Associations (ULLFA) TIME FOR GROWTH! Active
47 Bulduri, Bulluciems and Lielupe Development Society Stronger and target-oriented Bulluciems community for inclusive Jurmala Active
48 Cancer Patiens Association "Tree of Life" Development of the safety network for oncological patients Active
49 "Tech Education and Innovation school" Active
50 Latvian Alliance of Rare Diseases Strengthening of Latvian Network of Patient Organizations (LPOT) Active
51 New Door Boosting of sustainable development for the "New Door" association Active
52 Children and Youth Para Sports Association CAPACITY INCUBATOR Active
53 We Own the World Next level Active
54 Latvian Child Welfare Network Strong and professionally managed Network for effective protection of children's interests in Latvia Active
55 Organization Strengthening the capacity of the organisation - creating of awareness and reliability Active
56 "Zero Waste Latvija" "Library of things" - consumer movement from goods to services Active
57 ideA Resonance of ideas Active



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