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Approved projects

In the Active Citizens Fund until 05.09.2022. funding has been allocated to 164 projects:

  • Strategic project call: 42 projects
  • Action project call: 24 projects
  • Capacity projects: 92 projects
  • Organisational grant call: 6 projects
No Organization Project title Region Partner Project status
1. "Zero Waste Latvija" "Library of things" - consumer movement from goods to services Latvia Has not Closed
2. Foundation 2x2 2x2 Foundation Capacity Building Latvia Has not Active
3. Center Dardedze A secure childhood - a secure future Latvia Has not Closed
4. Culture Association „Alternative Reality” A step to the future Latvia Has not Contract award process
5. Latvian Rural Forum Academy of Democracy Latvia Has not Closed
6. NGO For Smitene and Latvia Active, knowing and recognizable in Smiltene region Vidzeme, Latvia Has Closed
7. NGO Balta maja Activities of the Association "Balta maja" to strengthen the sense of community citizenship Latgale Has not Closed
8. Establishment Center Dardedze Along with time Latvia Has not Closed
9. Organisation "City for People" Association "City for People" communicates and shows Rīga Has not Closed
10. Right here and together Association HERE AND TOGETHER at the next level Pierīga Has not Closed
11. Riga German Cultural Society Attention! Distance (with state) decreases! Latvia Has Closed
12. Bauska Old Town Society Bauska Old Town community tête-à-tête Pierīga, Zemgale Has not Active
13. Latvian Society of the Blind Be knowledgeable! Latvia Has not Closed
14. New Door Boosting of sustainable development for the "New Door" association Latvia Has not Closed
15. Valmiermuiža Association of Culture Building capacity of Valmiermuiža Association of Culture Vidzeme Has not Closed
16. Society "Not left alone" Building the capacity of "Nepaliec viens" society's structural units Riga Has Closed
17. Latvian Fund for Nature Building the fundraising capacity of the Latvian Fund for Nature Latvia Has Closed
18. Business Association of North Kurzeme Capable of More! Kurzeme Has not Active
19. Society "Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS" Capacity building for Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS Latvia Has not Closed
20. European Association "World-Our Home" Capacity building for the development of EA "World-Our Home" Latgale Has Active
21. Foundation "Science and innovation park" Capacity building for the foundation "Science and innovation park" Kurzeme Has not Active
22. Latvian National Association for Consumer Protection Capacity building in testing of consumer products Latvia Has Closed
23. Imants Ziedonis Foundation "Viegli" Capacity building of Imants Ziedonis Foundation "Viegli" Latvia Has not Closed
24. Latvian Red Cross Capacity building of LatRC Latgale Committee Latgale, Latvia Has Closed
25. MARTA Centre Liepaja Foundation Capacity building of MARTA Centre Liepaja Foundation Kurzeme Has not Closed
26. Rucka Art Foundation Capacity Building of Rucka Art Foundation Vidzeme Has not Closed
27. Transparency International Latvia Capacity Building of TI Latvia Latvia Has not Active
28. Children and Youth Para Sports Association CAPACITY INCUBATOR Latvia Has not Closed
29. Charity "Wonderhouse" Charity "Brinummaja" (WonderHouse) capacity enhancement project "Springboard" Vidzeme Has not Closed
30. The Cross-Regional Fund of Mid Latgale Charity Circle Latgale Has not Closed
31. LATVIAN GERMAN ASSOCIATION Civic Expertise Incubator Kurzeme, Zemgale Has Closed
32. Creative Minds for Culture CMC: The Next Level Pierīga, Vidzeme region Has Closed
33. Communities cooperation network "Selonian islands" Coat of Arms of the Historical Land of Selia Zemgale, Latvia Has Closed
34. Latvian Society of the Blind Communication - The Key to Success! Latvia Has Closed
35. Latvian Fund for Nature Complaint about breach of European Union law Latvia Has Closed
36. Society "Create the Environment Yourself" Create "Create Environment Yourself" Yourself Kurzeme Has not Closed
37. Create the Environment Yourself Create Liepaja Yourself Kurzeme Has not Closed
38. Society "Kuldiga Senior Citizen School" Dare, get involved Kurzeme Has not Active
39. "Latvian Permaculture Association" Defense of the rights of the rural population for qualitative living conditions Latvia Has not Closed
40. „Foundation – Bridge of Chances” Deliberate Strengthening of the Foundation “Bridge of Opportunities” Vidzeme, Latvia Has Closed
41. Transparency International Latvia Delna – Part of Developing Viable Code of Ethics for Prosecutors Latvia Has not Closed
42. European Movement - Latvia DemocracyYES! Latvia Has not Closed
43. Public Participation Foundation Development of an automated CSO participation system Latvia Has not Closed
44. Vidusdaugavas NGO Center Development of digital capabilities of "Vidusdaugava NGO Center" Zemgale Has not Active
45. Foundation Hospiss LV Development of mobile application for volunteers coordination Rīga Has not Closed
46. "Partneriba Daugavkrasts" Development of NGO cooperation platform in the region Pieriga Has Active
47. Cancer Patiens Association "Tree of Life" Development of the safety network for oncological patients Latvia Has not Closed
48. Cultural Heritage site of Burtnieki Development Strategy for the Cultural Heritage site of Burtnieki Vidzeme Has not Closed
49. Society "Vecdaugaviesi" ECI-UBI „Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU” updating in Latvia Latvia Has not Closed
50. Education Development Center (EDC) Education Development Center (EDC) participation on strengthening the civic society of Latvia Latvia Has Closed
51. Society "Dzīvnieku pansija Ulubele" Empathy, comprehension and qualification - volunteering guidelines Latvia Has not Closed
52. Women's NGOs Cooperation Network of Latvia Engagement of Women in Addressing Their Needs Latvia Has Closed
53. Society "Piekrastes Konvents" Engure village coastal zone restrictions and future planning with respect to local citizen needs Kurzeme Has not Closed
54. Latvia Corporate Social Responsibility platform Exchange of experience for capacity building of the organization Latvia Has Closed
55. Latvian 4-H Experience and cooperation Latvia Has Active
56. FEE LATVIA FEE Latvia strengthening workability for communication with society Kurzeme Has not Active
57. FREE RIGA Free Riga transformation Rīga Has not Active
58. NGO RITINEITIS Get to know yourself in Northern Latgale Latgale Has not Closed
59. Riga German Cultural Society Give to Development = Develop by Giving! Pierīga Has not Closed
60. Latvian 4-H Give Way to Youth! Latvia Has Closed
61. Society "Our home in Pocelujevka" Good governance: from formal to real! Latgale, Latvia Has Closed
62. Latvian Fund for Nature Green Barometer Latvia Has not Closed
63. CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES Green tattoos for life Zemgale Has Active
64. Association of LGBT and their friends "Mozaika" Growth of Mozaika Rīga Has Closed
65. MOT Latvija Growth of the capacity of "MOT Latvia" Kurzeme Has Active
66. NGO Latvian Alliance of Rare Diseases Health - our human rights Latvia Has not Closed
67. Vidusdaugavas NGO Center Help point for Ukrainian war refugees in Jekabpils region Zemgale Has not Closed
68. Workshop of Participation Latvia Has not Closed
69. NGO I want to help refugees Human rights for all Latvia Has not Closed
70. Resource Centre for People with Mental Disability 'ZELDA" I want to be among YOU Latvia Has not Closed
71. LATVIAN GERMAN ASSOCIATION If there are WISHES, then participate in ELECTIONS! Latvia Has Closed
72. Pieriga partnership Improve the quality and growth of the Pieriga Partnership's activities in 3 steps Pierīga Has not Closed
73. LAG “Rural Partnership Sēlija” Improvement and strengthening of the activities of the Local Action Group "Rural Partnership Selija” Zemgale Has Active
74. Foundation "" Improvement of the website „Palīdzē” to strengthen its capacity Latvia Has not Closed
75. Vidusdaugavas NGO Center Improving activity of the Vidusdaugava NGO Center Zemgale, Latvia Has Active
76. Latvia Corporate Social Responsibility platform Improving communication and strengthening the image of NGO in society and differentiating financing Latvia Has not Closed
77. Organisation "City for People" Improving work with volunteers while helping refugees from Ukraine Rīga Has not Closed
78. Association of LGBT and their friends "Mozaika" Inclusive family legislation Latvia Has Closed
79. Free Waterfront Innovative digital participation hub and evolutionary charge for a leader of waterfront communities Pieriga Has not Closed
80. Tabitas Sirds Involvement of volunteers in humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine in Dienvidkurzeme region Kurzeme Has not Closed
81. Daugavpils University Lifelong Learning, Culture, and Science Communication Society “Intelekta parks” KAPITĀLS - Capacity for Development and Further (Co-)operation Latgale Has not Active
82. Transparency International Latvia Key to Facilitating Whistleblowing Riga Has not Closed
83. Latvian Umbrella Body For Disability Organisations SUSTENTO Know, enable, act - protection of the rights of people with disabilities Latvia Has not Closed
84. Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation LAPAS sustainability empowerment Latvia Has not Closed
85. I want to help refugees' Latvian citizens supporting civilians of Ukraine Latvia Has not Closed
86. Society "ILUMINATE IDEA" Let there be youngsters Kurzeme Has not Closed
87. Daugavpils and Ilukste district partnership "Neighbors" Let's do it in the South Latgale! Latgale Has Closed
88. association Vītolēni Let's think - Let's do! Vidzeme region Has Closed
89. Foundation "" Lets help Ukraine! Riga Has not Closed
90. NGO ESTO Listen. Understand. Act! Has Closed
91. National Youth Council of Latvia LJP 3.0 Latvia Has not Closed
92. National Youth Council of Latvia LJP 4.0 Latvia Has not Closed
93. Papardes zieds Long term sustainability support for "Papardes zieds" Latvia Has not Closed
94. Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS Long-term solutions for improved public consultations Latvia Has not Closed
95. Baltic Human Rights Society Longterm support for implementation of democratic citizenship and human rights education Latvia Has not Closed
96. Let's help each other Maintenance of the Association's coordination center for the provision of humanitarian aid Latvia Has not Closed
97. NGO "Jaunvide" Making a step forward Latgale, Latvia Has Active
98. Children’s Hospital Foundation Me and you, We. Latvia, Riga Has not Closed
99. Baltic Center for Media Excellence Media literacy assessment, policy recommendations and integration into the education system Latvia Has not Closed
100. Civic Alliance - Latvia National research paper on CSOs sector Latvia Has not Active
101. We Own the World Next level Zemgale, Latvia Has not Closed
102. We Own the World Next level partnership Zemgale Has not Closed
103. NEW EAST NGO "New East" capacity building project Latgale, Latvia Has Active
104. Development Society of Ogre OAB ok (OAB organization capacity) Latvia Has Closed
105. Latvian Centre for Human Rights On the way to more tolerant society - awareness, education, support and cooperation Latvia Has not Closed
106. Ascendum Operations of Association "Ascendum" in 2022-2023 Latvia Has not Closed
107. SATEKA Own support for the development of the Territory and of effective Community! Vidzeme Has Closed
108. World Wide Fund For Nature Promoting and strengthening youth participation in advocacy Latvia Has not Closed
109. “Children’s Hospital Foundation” Promoting Financial Independence and Recognition of the Parents’ House Latvia Has Closed
110. Society "Baltic HIV Association" Promoting the financial sustainability of the association Latvia Has not Closed
111. Children’s Hospital Foundation Promoting the sustainable development of the Children's Hospital Foundation. Latvia Has not Closed
112. Society "Piekrastes Konvents" Promotion of volunteering Latvia Has not Active
113. NGO Rural Partnership "Lielupe" Raising of Participation and Civic Activity in Jelgava and Ozolnieki Regions 3. Zemgale Has not Closed
114. Latvian Red Cross Raising the capacity and sustainability of the Latvian Red Cross Youth at the national level Latvia Has Closed
115. Association for support of russian civil society and russian emigrant support (AREM) Refugees guide Latvia Has not Closed
116. Latvian Ornithological Society Representation of the interests of the Latvian Ornithological Society and public involvement Latvia Has not Closed
117. Resilience center Resilience approach to strengthening the participation of young people with limited possibilities Latvia Has not Closed
118. ideA Resonance of ideas Zemgale, Latvia Has not Closed
120. Latvian 4-H ReStart! Latvia Has not Closed
121. Right here and together Right here and together with the power of the solar world Rīga Has not Closed
122. “Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia” (SEAL) SEAL as a stronger ecosystem leader Latvia Has Closed
123. Latvian 4-H See?! Latvia Has not Closed
124. Y`S Men club Cesis Skills for everyday life and society Vidzeme Has Closed
125. Ogre Youth Initiative Association "TALANTU KALVE" START UP 1.0 Vidzeme region Has not Closed
126. Angels with us Step forward Latgale, Latvia Has Closed
127. ''Coast of Perse'' STEP UP! Zemgale Has Closed
128. Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation Strategic partnerships for sustainable future Latvia Has Closed
129. Latvian Blind Sport Union Strengthening activities and capacity of the Latvian Blind Sports Union Latvia Has not Closed
130. DOTS Foundation for an Open Society Strengthening of democracy and democratic culture: LAMPA Conversation Festival Latvia Has not Closed
131. Latvian Alliance of Rare Diseases Strengthening of Latvian Network of Patient Organizations (LPOT) Latvia Has not Closed
132. NGO Education Development Center (EDC) Strengthening of tolerance culture in school environment Latvia Has not Closed
133. For well-being Strengthening the capacity of association "For Well-being" Kurzeme Has not Active
134. Pieriga partnership Strengthening the Capacity of Pieriga Partnership for Effective Civic Engagement Pieriga Has Active
135. Smārde senior association "Sarma" Strengthening the capacity of Smarde senior society "Sarma" Kurzeme Has not Closed
136. Aglona Association "Forget-me-not" Strengthening the capacity of the Aglona association "Forget-me-not" Latgale Has not Active
137. Development and Innovation Training Centre Strengthening the capacity of the Association "Development and Innovation Training Center" Vidzeme region Has Closed
138. "For the development of Mezinieki neighborhood" Strengthening the capacity of the association for the transition to a new stage of development Pierīga Has not Closed
139. Development Agency "We&You" Strengthening the capacity of the Development Agency “We&You” to activate the civiс society Latgale, Latvia Has Active
140. LgSC Strengthening the capacity of the NGO “LgSC” Latgale, Latvia Has Active
141. Organization Strengthening the capacity of the organisation - creating of awareness and reliability Latvia Has not Closed
142. Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation Strengthening the capacity of the Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation to operate internationally Kurzeme Has Active
143. "Safe Space" Strengthening the financial sustainability and income diversification of Safe Space Latvia Has not Closed
144. Latvian Child Welfare Network Strong and professionally managed Network for effective protection of children's interests in Latvia Latvia Has not Closed
145. Society "Cooperation Platform" Strong to support Latvia Has not Closed
146. Circle of Mediation Strong together! Kurzeme, Latgale Has not Closed
147. Bulduri, Bulluciems and Lielupe Development Society Stronger and target-oriented Bulluciems community for inclusive Jurmala Riga Region, Latvia Has not Active
148. Development and Innovation Training Centre Study visit for improvement of Association existing services or development new one Latvia, Pierīga Has Closed
149. Youth for Smile SUSTAINable Zemgale Has not Active
150. r.a. "Siltumnīca" Sustainable development promotion of the association "r.a. "Siltumnīca"" Vidzeme region Has not Closed
151. "Partneriba "Daugavkrasts"" The enabling of Partnership Daugavkrasts capacity for new function development Pierīga Has not Closed
152. Riga Active Seniors Alliance The keys to democracy: tools for promoting digital and green mobility Rīga, Pierīga Has Closed
153. YOUTH SOCIETY OF KOKNESE The Kick-off for the Youth Society of Koknese Latvia, Zemgale Has not Closed
154. The Laboratory for the Culture of Democracy The Laboratory for the Culture of Democracy Latvia Has not Closed
155. Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organization The Net Latvia Has Closed
156. Cooperation Platform The path to solve the problem Latvia Has not Active
157. Foundation The power of society! Latvia Has not Closed
158. Union of Latvian Large Families Associations (ULLFA) TIME FOR GROWTH! Latvia Has not Closed
159. Association "Pierīgas partnerība" Together - stronger and smarter Pierīga Has Closed
160. Saldus District Development Association Together we can - together we work in Saldus region! Kurzeme Has not Closed
161. Transparency International Latvia Transparency watchdogs: road to accountable decisions in national and regional governments Latvia Has not Closed
162. NGO "Club "The House" - youth for a United Europe" Understand, get involved, decide! Latvia Has not Closed
163. NGO Apeirons Organization of people with disabilities and their friends Universal Design for Human Rights Latvia Has not Closed
164. Vidzeme Rural partnership "Brasla" Vidzeme Rural partnership "Brasla" capacity building Vidzeme region Has not Closed
165. Opportunity for everyone We are strong together Vidzeme region Has not Closed
166. Society For Development of Jaunolaine We as a focused, cohesive and visible organisation Pierīga Has not Closed
167. Association MARTA Centre Women's Rights Culture - a Milestone of Democracy Latvia Has Closed
168. Development platform YOU+ YOU+ 4.0. Kurzeme Has not Active
169. Latvian 4-H Youth on the way Latvia Has Closed
170. Development platform YOU+ Youth one stop agency Kurzeme Has Closed
171. Creative Minds for Culture Youth Participation Platform Kurzeme, Zemgale, Latgale, Vidzeme Has Active
172. Foundation "" Zoo police and public inspector networks in the regions of Latvia Latvia Has not Closed



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