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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

The aim of the project is to strenghten the capacity of foundation "Science and innovation park" in the development of managment competencies, strategy development, renewal of the statutes, workforce sustainability and communication with the society.

To reach our main goal, we will organise four activities - renewal of the strategy, improvement of the website, social media and public image, training for the Foundation's Board and project managers, Training for project managers and assistants in project management, work planning, organization, promotion of cooperation and public image building.
Project will help to solve Foundation's long-time problems, which holds us "stuck" and troubles us moving towards our long term goals. We expect that activities will guarantee clearer vision of the Foundation's long term goals and make stronger structure. During the project we have planned to deal with the basics of every organisation - creation of strategy and renewal of statutes. Also we will improve our existing website and social media, which will help us to reach more people and let them know about the work and projects done by Foundation. In order to strenghten the individual capacity of employees, we will implement several trainings.



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