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Approved projects: Strategic projects in programme Democratic culture

About project

  • Executer: World Wide Fund For Nature
  • Project title: Promoting and strengthening youth participation in advocacy
  • Regions of execution: Latvia
  • Project budget: 73 140.43
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries:
  • Project contact person: Laura Treimane, e-mail:, ph. 28288090

The aim of the project is to promote and strengthen the awareness of citizenship in environmental issues among young people aged 15-25 in Latvia by: training about the culture of democracy, forms of civic participation, critical thinking and successful argumentation; involving them in informal - theoretical and practical - civic activities and encouraging them to represent their interests in decision-making processes.

Within the project every year 20 motivated young people from the regions of Latvia will be admitted to the “Advocacy School” - a 3-month long non-formal education course. The project will train young people and involve them in activities that promote their faith in personal ability to influence decision-making in the country, encourage them to act in advocacy and to influence political initiatives. Each year, school participants will meet in summer to review what has been learned and motivate them to develop plans for how they will commit to putting the knowledge into practice. The young people will be encouraged to believe in their ability to influence processes in the country and to develop the various skills needed for an active personality.

Before the start and at the end of each “Advocacy School”, a self-assessment of the school participants' ability to influence decisions, the level of existing knowledge, and readiness to engage in civic activities will be carried out. After graduation, their knowledge of democracy and interest in advocacy is expected to increase by 50%, based on a pre-established evaluation methodology.



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