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Approved projects: Strategic projects in programme Human rights

About project

  • Executer: Resilience center
  • Project title: Resilience approach to strengthening the participation of young people with limited possibilities
  • Regions of execution: Latvia
  • Project budget: 82 836.50
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries:
  • Project contact person: Dzeina Feldberga, e-mail:, ph.: 23202424

The aim of the project is to strengthen the participation of young people with limited possibilities, advocasy and development of innovative activities aimed at implementing youth initiatives and reducing discrimination situations.
Main activities - research on social risks of exclusion related to young people's attitudes towards tolerance and discrimination, development of the lived experience expert movement and creation of a virtual platform, advocasy of interests of young people with limited possibilities, training of resilience mentors and developing of networking, training of staff on human rights of young people and activities for the target group: "oppressed theater", photovoice workshops and training to strengthen the human rights awareness of young people at social risk.
The project is implemented at the national level, its implementation period is 26 months.
It is planned to involve in the project at least 250 young people with limited possibilities and 60 professionals from various fields, who provide daily support to young people and establish long terms cooperation with at least 10 state, municipal and non-governmental organizations.
Implementation of project activities has positive impact on decreasing of human rights violations against young people at the level of individuals, community and state social policy. The direct involvement of the target group in the activities provides an opportunity for young people to express their opinions, update situations of human rights violations and develop their initiatives. Significant long-term impact will be provided by Latvian-wide innovative peer expert movement and a network of mentors.



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