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Approved projects: Bilateral cooperation projects in programme Bilateral and regional cooperation

About project

  • Executer: Association "Pierīgas partnerība"
  • Project title: Together - stronger and smarter
  • Regions of execution: Pierīga
  • Project budget: 4 983.08 EUR
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: Icelandic Rural Community Association "Landsbyggðin lifi"
  • Project contact person: Maija Bebre, e-mail:

Initiative Summary: Strengthening Collaboration Between Latvian and Icelandic NGOs

Objective: To enhance collaboration between Latvian and Icelandic NGOs in the fields of environment, youth, and culture by exchanging knowledge and best practices, and integrating this cooperation into the work of the NGO Info Point to achieve its goals and development.

Primary Audience:

  • The association "Pierīgas partnerība" and its member organizations.
  • Active citizens.
  • The Icelandic association "Landsbyggðin lifi."
  • Representatives of the NGO Info Point.
  • NGOs and organizations working in the fields of environment, youth, and culture.
  • Local community members and interested parties.

Key Elements:

  1. Visit to Iceland to learn from best practice examples in various NGO sectors and strengthen mutual collaboration.
  2. Auction to engage the local community and observe Iceland's democratic processes while supporting the activities of collaborating organizations.
  3. Develop a concept idea and activity plan for at least 1 potential collaboration project in the future, advocating for common interests.

Expected Results:

  1. Enhanced collaboration between the "Pierīgas partnerība" association and "Landsbyggðin lifi," along with establishing connections with Icelandic interest representatives.
  2. NGOs in the fields of environment, youth, and culture acquire Icelandic expertise and best practices.
  3. Creation of at least 1 potential collaboration project eligible for future funding in interest advocacy.
  4. Icelandic partner's contribution: Sharing knowledge and experience, engaging the local community, and providing organizational support.



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