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Approved projects: Bilateral cooperation projects in programme Bilateral and regional cooperation

About project

  • Executer: Latvian 4-H
  • Project title: Experience and cooperation
  • Period: 2023-05-23 - 2023-08-31
  • Regions of execution: Latvia
  • Project budget: 7000
  • Project status: Active
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: Creatorium
  • Project contact person: Rita Lineja,

Between May 31 and June 3, within the framework of the bilateral initiative project "Experience and Cooperation", the "Latvijas Mazpulki" team will go on an experience exchange visit to Norway. "Latvijas Mazpulki" will visit the cooperation partner of the project - the association “Creatorium”.

 During the experience visit, the following is planned:

  • to strengthen the already started cooperation with the association “Creatorium”;
  • share experience of working with young people, including volunteer work;
  • improve the mentoring knowledge;
  • share experiences on strengthening the mental health of persons involved in youth work;
  • go on experience visits to representatives of two Norwegian 4H clubs.

As a result of the experience trip, “Latvijas Mazpulki” will have gained the experience of related organizations, which can be adapted to the Latvian situation and improve the methodology, introduce new events or activities, promote the sustainability of existing projects. Both “Latvijas Mazpulki” and mentors to whom the information will be transferred



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