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Approved projects: Strategic projects in programme Democratic culture

About project

  • Executer: Women's NGOs Cooperation Network of Latvia
  • Project title: Engagement of Women in Addressing Their Needs
  • Regions of execution: Latvia
  • Project budget: 123 068.75
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: "The Women's Counseling" (Iceland)
  • Project contact person: Dace Paegle, e-mail:, ph 29128649

The aim of the project is to advance women’s knowledge on protecting their own interests and to mobilise women’s civic society organizations. Novel approaches have been created for the implementation of the project, based on brands developed by the applicant i.e. Gender Equality Award, Academy of Successful European Women, Female Leadership Award and capitalising on vast expertise in digital engagement.

The implementation of two information campaigns during the project will raise the visibility of gender equality organisations as well as promote their sustainability.

Through implementation of 18 diverse initiatives to engage young women, minority women, women with disability, the CSOs will mobilise their resources for active dialogue at local and national level and attract new volunteers and supporters. The annual Latvia Women NGOs Forum and international young feminist school will be held. CSOs will evaluate contribution to gender equality by the politicians, two MOOCs on gender equality and mentoring will be developed, thus allowing to increase numbers of women taking part in decision making processes and civic actions.

At least 20 NGOs will take active part in consultations at local, national and EU level. The participation in international women’s organisations’ networks will be secured as well in major national consultative commissions and working groups. Proposals will be developed to improve equality between women and men and non-discrimination. Mapping of the of women’s organisations at local and national level will help to increase activities to protect vulnerable groups of women.

The project will increase the number of women involved in decision-making and civic activities, as well as believing in their ability to influence decisions.

Cooperation with donor countries: the project is being implemented in cooperation with the organization from Iceland “The Women`s Counseling”.




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