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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

  • Executer: ''Coast of Perse''
  • Project title: STEP UP!
  • Regions of execution: Zemgale
  • Project budget: 19 994.37 EUR
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: nav
  • Project contact person: Ita Lejiņa, e-pasts:, tel.: 29119882

There are many places in Latvia rich in historical evidence, but Koknese stands out among all of them. The Koknese park all together with medieval castle ruins and two river landscapes is a historically important cultural site as well as a remarkable tourist attraction center. "Perses Krasts" was founded in Koknese and aims to promote the participation of citizens in the care of the preservation of this unique cultural heritage.

The goal of the project "Step up!" is to strengthen the capacity of the society by developing economic activity to promote Koknese's unique cultural heritage as a platform for the citizens to be more active and interested in participation. To achieve this goal we will carry out the following activities: start an economic activity with services in the social tourism sector and the creation of a new tourist attraction object, create a modern management system and a team of loyal employees, practice and learn digital marketing methods and tools.

* increased revenue, not related to project funding;
* use of the M&E system in management work to strengthen the personnel team;
* inform the public about our activities in a consistent approach;
* 7 organization-related individuals have practiced and mastered digital marketing tools and methods.

Once the project has been implemented, we will continue to strengthen the organization to diversify its financial resources. During the first year, we will have the confidence and ability to take the next step - to reach out to potential investors, donors, partners and to present ourselves as a strong, creative and responsible "team player".



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