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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

  • Executer: Development platform YOU+
  • Project title: YOU+ 4.0.
  • Period: 2022-04-01 - 2023-01-31
  • Regions of execution: Kurzeme
  • Project budget: 19 971.10 EUR
  • Project status: Active
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries:
  • Project contact person: Sendija Kapranova, e-mail:, phone: +371 20455704
  • Project website:

The aim of the project "YOU+ 4.0" is to strengthen the long-term capacity and operation of the Association “Development platform YOU+”, thus promoting the development of the youth field in the South Kurzeme region. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to diversify the financial flow of the association and strengthen the virtual activity.
Today, the need for more efficient information exchange and virtual identities is only increasing. Thereby, it is planned to develop a new virtual platform, which in the future would provide much more extensive and detailed information. It would be not only information about the association's prolonged activity and other social projects but also about the services offered. Meanwhile working with potential clients, mainly municipal social services, the new platform is expected to strengthen the financial flow of YOU+, which in turn will promote the association's financial independence from projects and development. The developed virtual platform also serves as the first step in developing a virtual youth environment envisaged that is part of the long-term strategy of YOU+.
At the same time during this project, it is planned to implement training for the employees and volunteers on topics such as fundraising, effective goal setting, work planning, data processing and personal data storage to strengthen the readiness of the employees to work with directions envisaged in the project: diversification of financial flows and digitization. It is planned to train at least 40 persons involved in the daily work of the association.
In addition social network publicity guidelines, website administration guidelines and visual materials guidelines will be developed and implemented in the association as a result of this project.



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