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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the foundation as a team, increase the quality and efficiency of work, while improving interaction with the public and sustainable attraction of donors. Also, to improve and supplement the existing IT solutions - to create tools that would allow to better communicate with the public and donors, as well as to strengthen the organization's internal productivity and quality management methods, which will ensure a sustainable and socially important foundation as a civic and public organization.

The Project activities:
1. Improvement of the Foundation's website to diversify the attraction of funding and more efficient communication with the public by introducing more user-friendly IT solutions:
- Improving the transparency and functionality of the website and donation programs.
- Introducing the option of regular monthly donations.
- By placing social network news feeds in the news section of the website (all the most up-to-date content in one place).
- Introducing automatic questionnaires for support applications and encouraging donor feedback will improve both communication with the public and the internal efficiency of the organization.
2. Strengthening the administrative capacity and quality management of the Foundation by implementing IT solutions for the coordination, monitoring and improvement of internal communication of projects and day-to-day functions:
- Employees will receive a training course on Microsoft 365 programs, which in the long term will help the team to organize their work more efficiently, as well as managers to perform quality management. Afterwards the software will be used in daily work.

As a result of the project, improved IT solutions for attracting donors will be implemented, and solutions for improving administrative processes will be developed and integrated, thus improving the overall efficiency of the foundation in the future.



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