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Approved projects: Strategic projects in programme Democratic culture

About project

  • Executer: Riga Active Seniors Alliance
  • Project title: The keys to democracy: tools for promoting digital and green mobility
  • Regions of execution: Rīga, Pierīga
  • Project budget: 102 278.71
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: "Grund" (Iceland)
  • Project contact person: Terezija Mackare, e-mail:, ph. 29579879

The project aims to inform seniors and increase their capacity to use digital technologies in the context of green mobility to strengthen culture of democracy, participation and citizenship.

In view of the rapid development of digital technologies and the consequences of the COVID-19 virus, the exclusion of older people from society and the opportunities to participate in the culture of democracy have increased significantly.
Consequently, issues relating to the opportunities for seniors to use modern computer technology, Internet and mobility capabilities, so that seniors have equal opportunities to engage in democratic processes and are equivalent to citizens of society.
As part of project activities, an informative and educational campaign will be organized. The digital skills of seniors, new mobility opportunities and the capacity of seniors to use digital participation platforms and networks for the involvement of seniors in urban and societal processes will be strengthened. A platform "E-seniors" will be created, negotiated meetings will be organized, thereby strengthening the integration of seniors into the culture of democracy and strengthening the awareness of citizenship.

Cooperation with donor countries: the project is being implemented in cooperation with the Icelandic organization "Grund". 



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