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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

  • Executer: Ogre Youth Initiative Association "TALANTU KALVE"
  • Project title: START UP 1.0
  • Period: 2022-08-01 - 2023-09-30
  • Regions of execution: Vidzeme region
  • Project budget: 19 995.56
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries:
  • Project contact person: Iveta Žugre, e-mail:, 29468386

The aim of the project is to take an important step to develop the association in future so that by means of working out the strategy and introducing the brand book and the communication plan, as well as by means of increasing and strengthening the team spirit and realizing the pilot project of the mentoring project it would create not only the recognition and gain the confidence about the development of the association and the opportunities of the fundraising for the implementation of the basic goals of the association, but would also allow to reach and influence the promotion of participation and advocacy of interests of young people.

In order to achieve the intended, we have scheduled in the project the following interconnected activities:
- development of the organizational development strategy for 2023-2025; the strategy would be based on the evaluation and analysis of the previous work;
- the visual identity of the association's brand and communication plan will be developed;
- increasing the human resource capacity of the Association, effective and purposeful team work;
- a fundraising campaign will be implemented;
- the training of the mentors will be accomplished and the pilot project of the mentoring program within which we will test its correspondence to the work of the association and the needs of the target audience.

While moving through the stages of the project, the recognition, the role of the association and its influence in the territory will be promoted, facilitating the financial independence and the long term development of the association and its progress towards the goal: to become the leading organization of the field of youth in Ogre region, promoting the youth participation and the advocacy of their interests. The project will give us the opportunity to improve and develop overall.



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