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Approved projects: Action projects in programme Democratic culture

About project

  • Executer: Tabitas Sirds
  • Project title: Involvement of volunteers in humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine in Dienvidkurzeme region
  • Period: 2022-04-18 - 2022-08-22
  • Regions of execution: Kurzeme
  • Project budget: 9 997.22 EUR
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries:
  • Project contact person: Diāna Pečule, e-mail:; phone: 26390046
  • Project website:

The aim of the project is to create and maintain an environment that involves and enables citizens to be more involved in volunteering.
In this situation when Latvia receives and provides assistance to refugees from Ukraine the Tabitas Sirds organization (hereafter -NGO) is also actively involved and is a main support partner to the city of Liepaja and the South Kurzeme region in the matters of Ukrainian refugees. We organize humanitarian aid and coordinate temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees.
Currently there is a demand to provide large-scale aid to a great number of people and NGO needs to involve more volunteers than before on daily basis.
The aim of the NGO is to employ volunteer coordinators which in turn involves additional volunteers. The coordinators will train, manage, organize and lead volunteer work to prepare and provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people, both for those still in Ukraine and for those who have fled outside their country of residence incl. to Latvia. Assistance is also being provided to the people of Latvia. We plan to involve about 50 volunteers during the project period. We plan to involve about 7 volunteers a week of which about 3 will be new to the volunteer work.
The NGO will continue to communicate with more than 3000 followers through social networks, inviting volunteers to help.Twice a month we will post an invitation on the Facebook to volunteer to help and list of volunteers will be created to participate on call. A Whatsapp "SOS group" has been set up to provide information for urgent assistance. At the support points of the NGO we regularly invite the people of Ukraine who come for help to respond and get involved. We will also identify and invite local youth and student groups to get involved.
The project will provide an opportunity for the NGO to strengthen it's internal capacity, gain new experience in volunteer work, and promote volunteer work. Provide encouragement and experience for volunteers



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