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Approved projects: Strategic projects in programme Democratic culture

About project

  • Executer: Riga German Cultural Society
  • Project title: Attention! Distance (with state) decreases!
  • Regions of execution: Latvia
  • Project budget: 104 986.91
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: CBNRM Networking
  • Project contact person: Ilze Garda, e-mail:, ph.: +371 29895722
  • Project website:

The Project aim is to activate the civic society skills in select schools (representatives of national minorities, 90 pupils) by realization of creative practical civic activities, which would allow both students and their families to participate in state-building and the co-responsibility for processes in their city or region. The project will develop inclusion of Russian speaking minority (school pupils and their families) in order to develop democratic processes
and their responsibility. The aim is further to extend the institutional impact (through the education system) of the national civic education. In this way the project aims to prove that being an active citizen does not just mean getting up during the anthem and participate in elections. The involvement of young people, parents, and grandparents will ensure the successful impact of the project, and the creation of dialogue and activity in a passive society characteristic for post-Soviet states.

The project would run over 2.5 academic years (5 semesters), and be implemented in Riga, Ogre, and Jelgava. The following activities will be implemented:

1) target group questionnaire "Before and after"

2) non-formal education activities "Add oil to civic engines!" 

3) Latvian language practices and promotion of language usage "Out of the box"

4) civic exercise event "Want it? Then do it!"

5) final CONFERENCE- report "Scaling up - opportunities and challenges".

Representatives of the project's target group will answer following questions: Why is our society so passive? Are my ideas necessary and realistic? The project's target group will be continually and interactively charged with unique initiatives that in PRACTICE will promote PERMANENT involvement in the understanding and impact of city, regional, and national issues. The project will promote the growth of long-term civic competencies among the target group, as well as understanding, critical thinking, and the ability to get involved and solve local issues in a communal and responsible way. As a result of the project, guidelines will be developed that will be passed on to education decision-makers, school leaders and teachers.



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