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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

  • Executer: Pieriga partnership
  • Project title: Improve the quality and growth of the Pieriga Partnership's activities in 3 steps
  • Regions of execution: Pierīga
  • Project budget: 19 618.22 EUR
  • Project status: Closed
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries:
  • Project contact person: Jolanta Ivanova, e-mail:, tel.: 28335816

In order to achieve effective management, active participation and strengthening of communication by all parties involved in the Pieriga Partnership, the association has set out a project objective involving strategic assessment and planning, further training and preparing advice and members for participation in the implementation of the works of the Society (motivating, interesting and involving), as well as the re-branding. That will contribute development of the organization: new members will be apply, youngsters will be motivated and willing to be involved in the activities, but partners and existing members will evaluate the Pieriga Partnership as the key-player in the territory.

The association Pieriga Partnership with the support of the project will:
- the development of an association strategy, based on an assessment of past work, the measurement and analysis of the reputation of the association;
- the most suitable way to develop of financial sustainability: 6 months period will be tested and analysed the results;
- the re-brending, the development of the communication plan and its implementation, will reach both of the audience: attracting new members with modern communication solutions, and youngsters will be involved in the activities, entrepreneurs will be more keen to follow the Pieriga Partnership.
- developed human resources of the association: training a member and council to work on the team, cooperation will find solutions to promote active participation to achieve the objectives of the association, promoting loyalty and also the knowledge will be transferred to other organizations – to members of the association.

The visibility, role and impact of the Pieriga Partnership in the area will be promoted, which will contribute to its direction towards the objective of becoming a leading organisation in the area of the development of the area around Riga.



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