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Approved projects: Capacity projects in programme Sustainability and capacity

About project

  • Executer: "Partneriba Daugavkrasts"
  • Project title: Development of NGO cooperation platform in the region
  • Regions of execution: Pieriga
  • Project budget: 19 998.58 EUR
  • Project status: Active
  • Cooperation partners from donor countries: Norwegian University College of Green Development
  • Project contact person: Sandra Zilberta, e-mail:, phone: 22078722

Aim of the project is to develop NGO contact point cooperation platform in Kekava region, creating interoperable environment for non-governmental sector, improving communication tools, knowledge and leaders competence.

Project implementation will be the next step to develop and strengthen new function of the association in field of NGO interest representation in region. Project will help to solve two capacity needs: 1.Human resources needs, strengthening members as core of association's team, and implementing the principles of volunteering, as well as attracting new members; 2.Awareness of activities of the NGO contact point in the region, which we will achieve by implementing an active information campaign.
First capacity need will be addressed by providing existing and future members of the association with necessary training for capacity development, for improvement of knowledge, acquisition of basic principles of team building and development of voluntary work movement in the association as NGO contact point. We will also improve knowledge about the types of cooperation in order to create a sustainable NGO cooperation platform in the region.
Second capacity need we will solve with information campaign both in settlements of the region and in various information sources - websites, FaceBook pages, and other sources of information. Thus, the recognition of the NGO contact point and cooperation platform will be improved, attracting region active inhabitants, associations and communities.
Project main results: creation of a team and implementation of the principles of volunteering in work of NGO contact point and recognition of NGO cooperation platform, and attraction of new members to the association, through which their involvement in activities of the NGO contact point will also increase.
Project will primarily involve association members, as well as Kekava region NGO, with special emphasis on communities and opportunities to activate new population groups.



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