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ACF news

Action projects: Retrospect on the first year of Action project implementation
In August 2021, it had been a year since the Board of the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) approved the results of the first Action projects. During the year, funding was allocated for the implementation of 11 unforeseen and urgent advocacy initiatives for the total amount of 91,159.75 EUR. Read more
SUPPORT available for partnership-building with organisatons from donor countries
In order to promote the involvement of organisations from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (donor countries), the exchange of experience and the implementation of joint activities in the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) projects, the ACF provides an opportunity to receive the reimbursement of travel expenses up to €1800 incurred for organising partnership-building visits. Read more
The ACF announces the call of organisational grants
In order to try a new approach of supporting associations and foundations, which could become the basis for the work of the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) in the next period, both in Latvia and Europe, the Latvian ACF launches the call of organisational grants and invites experienced and financially strong organisations with an average annual turnover of at least EUR 80 000 and multi-annual action plans (strategies) to submit applications. Read more
Strategic projects: The ACF announces the call for Strategic projects
By 6 September, 2021 (14.00) civil society organisations (associations and foundations) are invited to submit projects in the second ACF Strategic project call in the outcomes Democracy Culture and Human Rights. Read more
Take part in matchmaking event "Doing Democracy"
In order to facilitate the search for potential project partners, Active Citizens Fund (ACF) in Latvia is hosting a matchmaking event “Doing Democracy” that will take place on 20th May 2021 ONLINE and would like to invite Donor countries’ (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) CSOs to participate in this event. It is organized in the frame of the ACF bilateral cooperation initiatives and focuses on the next Strategic project call in Latvia which will be announced in the end of the May 2021. Read more
Results of the first Capacity project call
On March 31, 2021, the Board of the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) approved the results of the first Capacity call for proposal: of 269 competing projects, 57 were awarded a grant, the total grant sum amounting to 1,050,969.27 Euro. 7 projects envisage a partnership with bodies of the EEA/Norway Financial Mechanism donor countries. Read more
Capacity projects: 269 projects received in the Capacity project call
In total, 269 project applications were submmited in the third ACF project call “Capacity projects”, of which 30 projects have partnership with one of the donorcountries – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Read more
Find the partner for your Capacity project!
Are you an organization from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway looking for a project partner from Latvia? Find your partner in the matchmaking event that will take place on 26th January 2021 ONLINE. Read more
Capacity projects: The ACF announces the call for Capacity projects
By 15 February, 2021 (14.00) civil society organisations are invited to prepare and submit project applications to strengthen the capacity of the organisation. Projects should be submitted in the online application system of the Active Citizens Fund. Read more
Results of the first Strategic project call
On 31 August 2020 the Board of the Consortium approved the results of the first Strategic projects call. A total of 30 projects for a total amount of € 2 898 157.51 were approved - 27 projects under the program ”Democracy Culture” and 3 projects under the program “Human Rights”. Read more



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